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qualify to be part of the study

How do potential candidates qualify to be part of the study?

In order to deem eligibility to participate, you would be required to complete a short survey by clicking the tab at the end of this section. We will not require any personal information at this point. Once you complete this survey, immediately you will see if you are eligible to proceed or disqualified from participating.

If you are eligible to proceed, then there are three more steps before finally making the selection of participants. These three steps are:

  • Completing a survey questionnaire including your contact information and a few additional medical and health related questions.
  • Attend a group information meeting at Loma Linda University campus to get more information about the study and get all your questions answered.
  • Attend a face to face interview with one or two of our researchers at Loma Linda University campus

If you are ready to proceed to the next stage of this selection process, please click here.

We also ask that you help us by sharing this study website on your social media page or specifically with friends or family that might be interested in participating.