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study requirements – HASS AVOCADO STUDY


What is expected of the study participants?

This website is specific to recruitment of participants at the Loma Linda University site. Hence, we are seeking eligible participants that live in and around the Inland Empire in Southern California!

Selected participants should be willing to:

  • Visit the Loma Linda University(LLU) campus every two weeks to pick up study items.
  • Attend a total of 8 clinic visits over a course of SIX months(clinics will be at the LLU campus)
  • Under go two MRIs ( An MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging technique that does not use harmful radiation. It is designed to get detailed images of the organs within your body)

  • Provide information on what you eat to clinicians who will call unannounced 4 times during the study.
  • Be equally willing to eat one avocado a day or limit your avocado intake to no more than 2 a month.
  • Follow to the study protocol, even while travelling and/or celebrating Holidays and family events.

How much time commitment is expected of the Participants?

3 out of 8 clinics will take 2 hours since it requires MRI, blood draw, body measurements etc. Rest of the clinics will only take 25-30 min.

Diet recalls over the phone will take 40 minutes to an hour for each of the four telephone interviews.

Picking up the study items should take no more than 15-20 minutes every two weeks. 

Memory tests will take 90 minutes, once at the beginning of the study, and once at the last clinic visit.